Stomach Ulcers in Ferrets


Often, the veterinarian will first attempt to treat the underlying causes for the disease and then the secondary symptoms. Dehydration and vomiting, for example, are often treated with electrolyte replacement therapy administered intravenously. When Helicobacter infection is present, meanwhile, antibiotics are prescribed. And PPI (proton pump inhibitors) or H2-blocks, which prevent acid buildup, are helpful in alleviating symptoms and preventing recurrence.


Living and Management


It is important the ferret not receive any medications and/or substances which may irritate the abdomen and result in new ulcers or lesions. If surgery was required, you will be advised to place it in a quiet area, away from noisy children and other animals, so that it can rest and recover. Unfortunately, ferrets with concurrent illnesses, such as systemic diseases like liver or kidney failure, have a poor prognosis.