Loss of Appetite in Ferrets



Anorexia needs to be addressed by treating the underlying cause of the condition. However, no matter what the cause, it is important the ferret begins eating again as soon as possible. Many ferrets will need higher-calorie diets with an appropriate amount of protein or, for those that have not been eating regularly and are dehydrated, fluid and electrolyte therapy. Still others will require medication to help stimulate appetite or reduce nausea.


Living and Management


Follow-up care is necessary to monitor the ferret's progress and help prevent a relapse. In the event of a relapse, early intervention and treatment can prove critical to the ferret's long-term survival.




As there are many causes leading to anorexia in ferrets, it is difficult to suggest any specific methods of prevention. However, psychological causes of anorexia may be prevented by providing a stress-free, clean environment and a healthy, well-balanced diet.