Viral Respiratory Infection in Rats



Unfortunately, there is no standard treatment available for this viral infection. The only recommendation is to euthanize the infected rat to prevent further spread of the virus.


Living and Management


Preventing transmission to humans and other animals is a primary concern. If you choose not to euthanize your infected rat, you must take the utmost care in maintaining hygienic conditions, with regular cleansing and disinfecting of the cage and surrounding environment. If you do choose euthanasia, you will still need to thoroughly disinfect your rat's living space in order to prevent the spread of infection after the death of your rat.




Avoid contact and protect your rat from contact with other rats or rodents, both wild and domestic rodents, and both at home, in pet stores, and with friends. If you do handle rodents outside of the house, take care to thoroughly disinfect your hands and clothes before handling your own rat. Maintaining hygienic living conditions for your rat by regularly cleansing and disinfecting its cage and cage items can also help in preventing this virus from coming into contact with your rat.