Kidney Disease in Gerbils



Your veterinarian might consider administering fluids and corticosteroids to the gerbil to help deal with glomerulonephritis, as well as antibiotics in cases of infection. If the gerbil is weak or lethargic, your veterinarian may recommend supportive therapy with vitamin B supplements.


Living and Management


The gerbil will need plenty of rest in a calm, clean and hygienic environment. Your veterinarian will also formulate a special diet during recovery to keep the gerbil's blood levels of sodium and potassium low, so as to avoid any complications.




Preventing glomerulonephritis is often not a very practical option, except when infectious agents are the reason for the development of the condition. Treating infections quickly may help reduce the chance those infectious agents affect the kidneys, and thus lower the chances of glomerulonephritis development.