Ringworm in Rats

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Although it is possible for the infection to clear up on its own, oral or general treatment of ringworm infection is very important for the prevention of a recurrence at a later time. Ringworm infection can be treated both with locally applied and oral fungicidal and antibiotic medications, both of which have the ability to kill fungi.


You will also be advised to use topical lotions and medicated shampoos for completely healing your rat.


Living and Management


Infected rats should be isolated from other rats in the group to prevent the spread of ringworm infection to healthy rats. You will also need to follow a regimen of hygiene and cleansing as per the advice of your veterinarian.




You can help to prevent spreading ringworm infection by maintaining good hygiene of your rat's cage and surrounding environment. If your pet rat has been infected with ringworm you will need to carefully disinfect the cage using a weak solution of bleach. Rather than rinsing the cage thoroughly, air it well afterwards and completely change the flooring and bedding of the cage.


Because this infection is spread by direct contact with the fungal organism that causes ringworm, it is important to be mindful of hygiene when you have had contact with other rats. This is one among many diseases that can be spread to rats by way of human contact, so it is essential that you always wash your hands and clothing thoroughly after handling other rats, before handling your own again.