Mite infestation in Rats

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As with other cases of ectoparasitic infestation, mite infestation is treated by topical application of parasite-killing medicated dusts and sprays. Sometimes the medication may be in the form of a solution so that it may be administered orally through drinking water. Your veterinarian will advise you on the appropriate route of administration, depending on the severity of the infestation.


Living and Management


Overuse of parasiticides can sometimes lead to complications. It is therefore important to follow your veterinarian’s advice regarding the application of the parasite killing medicated dusts and sprays that have been prescribed for your pet rat.


Under normal conditions it is essential to monitor your pet rat regularly for signs of illness, since even minor illnesses or stressors can cause an increase in the number of mites that are present on the skin surface. It is also important to keep your rat's cage and surrounding environment clean and disinfected so that mites and their eggs do not have the opportunity to overpopulate.




Maintain a clean living environment for your rats by routinely cleaning and disinfecting all of the cages where the rats are housed. Proper care, balanced nutrition, and protecting your rats from stressful situations can also help toward preventing mite infestation in your pet rats.