Hair Loss in Hamsters



Alopecia is commonly treated with topical shampoos and antibiotic therapy. However, this will depend on the underlying cause of the hair loss. Vitamin and mineral supplements, for example, may be given to hamsters that are thought to have hair loss due to nutritional deficiencies.


Living and Management


It is essential that the topical shampoos, ointments, and antibiotics are administered as prescribed. Cases involving ectoparasitic infestations will require you to clean and disinfect the hamster's cage and toys thoroughly to prevent reinfestation. Other than that, check up on the hamster routinely to make sure it is recovering well, and call your veterinarian if its condition should worsen.




Avoid overcrowding a cage and separate hamsters that are known to fight. Providing your hamster a well-balanced diet and a clean area to move around in can also help prevent hair loss in many cases.