Hair Loss in Gerbils



If your gerbil is suffering from parasites such as ticks or mites, your veterinarian might advocate the use of paraciticidal agents to eradicate the infestation. If the hair loss is due to a nutritional cause, on the other hand, the veterinarian might prescribe some vitamin and mineral supplements to help overcome the deficiency. Oral corticosteroids and anti-histaminic agents or topical corticosteroid-based ointments may also be applied to help control itch-related alopecia.


Living and Management


If vitamin and mineral supplements have been prescribed for the gerbil, make sure you follow your veterinarian's dosage regimen. Otherwise, clean and disinfect the gerbil's cage, especially in cases of ectoparasitic infestations.




Because of the various factors which can lead to hair loss, it may be hard to prevent alopecia in all cases, however, ensuring your gerbil is kept parasite-free and is fed a nutritional and well-balanced diet may help prevent hair loss.