Inflammation of the Lungs in Guinea Pigs



In general, treatment for guinea pigs will consist of alleviating the symptoms rather than for the pneumonia itself. The main goal is to support the body so that it can recover form the diseased condition. Supportive therapy with fluids may be necessary in cases of dehydration due to appetite loss, oxygen therapy may be needed to help with respiratory distress, and administration of vitamin C may be needed to help improve your guinea pig's immune system and ward off opportunistic infections. If the pneumonia is due to a bacterial infection, your veterinarian may find it necessary to prescribe long-term antibiotics to treat it.


Living and Management


You will need to provide a calm and quiet area for your guinea pig to recover from this illness, as it will need plenty of rest.  Make sure that your pet guinea pig’s cage is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before reintroducing the guinea pig in it, and separate any infected guinea pigs from the uninfected guinea pigs to prevent spread of the infection.


If oral antibiotics need to be administered, have your veterinarian go over the proper administration and storage of the medicines. Also, monitor your guinea pig closely during the time that it is receiving antibiotics, as sudden allergic reactions are possible. If the antibiotics cause diarrhea, the treatment should be stopped immediately and your veterinarian contacted for an alternative treatment plan. This is important as diarrhea can quickly lead to severe dehydration and death. If you have any questions, consult your veterinarian further about any supportive care that needs to be given to your pet during the recovery period, such as changes in diet.




Properly cleaning the cages, changing soiled bedding material, and regularly removing feces and urine and routinely is essential for the prevention of pneumonia, and for keeping infections under control when they do occur. If you have more than one guinea pig, preventing and controlling outbreaks of pneumonia requires keeping your pets and their cages or tanks clean at all times, and removing guinea pigs that are sick from the company of the others immediately upon noticing symptoms.