Viral Pneumonia in Guinea Pigs



Treatment is very costly and usually not practical when dealing with viral diseases such as GPAdV infection; the only treatment that is advised is given to help overcome the symptoms. Your veterinarian may prescribe antibiotics, fluids, and supplementary therapy to treat adenovirus infection.


Living and Management


Your guinea pig will need plenty of rest in a calm and clean environment while it is recovering. Make sure that your pet guinea pig’s cage is thoroughly disinfected before reintroducing the guinea pig, and separate the recovering guinea pig from other animals to prevent the spread of infection.




Respiratory infections like GPAdV infections in guinea pigs are highly contagious and are mainly transmitted through contact. In addition to the normal discharge of respiratory fluids, contaminated feces, urine, and bedding material are all suspect as well as should be cleaned away thoroughly to avoid contamination of healthy guinea pigs. Properly cleaning the cages, changing soiled bedding material routinely, and maintaining a hygienic living environment for your guinea pigs is essential to prevent this disease from occurring and/or spreading.