Internal (Polycystic) Cysts in Hamsters

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Unfortunately, the general outcome for hamsters affected with polycystic disease in internal organs such as the liver, kidneys, adrenal glands or pancreas is generally poor. Female hamsters with cysts in their ovaries and/uterus may undergo surgery (spaying) to remove the affected areas.


Living and Management


Allow the hamster to rest and relax, and to prevent possible infections from arising, carefully clean the cage. Then, based on your veterinarian's recommendations, formulate a follow-up schedule and diet. If it has undergone surgery, you may also need to restrain the hamster so that it does not groom the surgical site and interfere with the healing process.




Even though polycystic disease is not preventable in hamsters, it does not need to become a life-threatening situation. An early diagnosis and surgery can help prevent the cysts from bursting.