Pregnancy Toxemia in Guinea Pigs



Once a guinea pig has begun to show signs of pregnancy toxemia, the outcome is usually not good. Treatment does not usually help, but your options may include giving your guinea pig the medications propylene glycol, calcium glutamate, or steroids.


Living and Management


If your guinea pig has made it through an attack of ketosis and is recovering, you will need to take steps to ensure that it is able to rest in a calm and clean environment. Consult your veterinarian about any special dietary requirements your guinea pig may have during the recovery period, as well as any other recommendations that may be helpful in helping your guinea pig to recover quickly from the pregnancy toxemia.




To prevent ketosis, make sure your guinea pig eats a high quality food throughout pregnancy, while limiting the amount in order to prevent obesity. A measured amount of food that has been specifically recommended for pregnant and nursing guinea pigs, given at regularly scheduled times of the day, will help to prevent complications such as ketone body buildup in the blood. Avoiding exposure to stress in the last few weeks of pregnancy may also help to prevent the development of pregnancy toxemia in pregnant guinea pigs.