Ovarian Cysts in Guinea pigs



Hormonal therapy for treatment of ovarian cysts is not a viable option for guinea pigs. The only effective treatment is spaying (removing the ovaries and the uterus). If left untreated, the cysts may continue to grow and could potentially burst, placing the guinea pig's life in danger. Antibiotics are usually prescribed after the surgery as a prophylactic to prevent infections.


Living and Management


You will need to provide your guinea pig with a clean and stress-free environment, away from high activity areas and household traffic while it is recovering from surgery. As much as possible, restrain your guinea pig from grooming the surgical site, which could interfere with efficient wound healing. Your veterinarian will schedule a follow-up visit to assess your guinea pig's progress and the effectiveness of the treatment, making changes as necessary. If you have any questions, consult with your veterinarian regarding changes in diet (e.g., foods that are easiest to digest to ease strain on the abdomen), or what you can to meet the needs of your guinea pig during the recovery period.




Ovarian cysts as such are not preventable in guinea pigs. However, you might be able to prevent the cysts from progressing to a potentially life threatening situation by observing your guinea pig for any changes in health and behavior, making sure that she is diagnosed early, and having a spay performed to prevent the ovarian cysts from bursting.