Retained Fetus in Chinchillas



Your veterinarian might administer some drugs like oxytocin, which increases the contractions of the uterine musculature and might help to expel the mummified fetus without surgery. When the chinchilla is not able to deliver the retained fetus, the veterinarian may perform C-section to extract the fetus. Antibiotic therapy would be administered to counteract any secondary bacterial infections and resulting toxemias.


Living and Management


The chinchilla should allowed to rest in a quiet and calm environment and fed a good, nutritious diet should be fed. In addition, the follow-up antibiotic and supportive care as advised by the veterinarian should be routinely followed. If the chinchilla is recovering from surgery, it is also advisable to suitably restrain the chinchilla so that it does not groom the operation site and disrupt the wound healing.




Whenever a chinchilla has given birth, it should be immediately examined to ensure there is no retained fetus. If it is found that a fetus has been retained then immediately contact a veterinarian to treat the condition. This can help prevent cases of retention of the fetus in chinchillas.