Pus in the Uterus of Chinchillas



Unlike in other small animals, such as dogs, pyometra in chinchillas is not treatable. An ovario-hysterectomy, as in the removal of the ovaries and uterus, is recommended. The veterinarian will treat mild cases of pyometra with antibiotics and cleanse the uterine cavity with antiseptic solution.


Living and Management


The chinchilla undergoing treatment for mild cases of pyometra should be given good care. The female chinchilla requires a proper restful and stress-free environment during recovery. A good, nutritious diet should be fed. The follow-up antibiotic and supportive care, as advised by the veterinarian, should be routinely followed. If the animal is recovering from surgery to remove the ovaries and uterus, it is advisable to suitably restrain the animal so that it does not groom the operation site and disrupt the wound from healing.




Post-delivery, chinchillas should be monitored for the shedding of the placenta. If it is not shed within the recommended time, contact a veterinarian immediately to treat the condition. Timely action can help to prevent cases of pyometra in female chinchillas.