Infection and Inflammation of the Uterus in Chinchillas



Early detection and treatment are essential because affected female chinchillas can develop a severe and fatal bacterial infection with sudden deterioration and death. A veterinarian can give medicine that causes uterine contractions and forces out the infected debris. The veterinarian will then clean and disinfect the reproductive tract and the uterus. Antibiotics and general support should also be provided.


Living and Management


The chinchilla undergoing treatment for metritis should be given proper care, including rest in a quiet and calm environment and a well-balanced diet. Your veterinarian will advise you as to the antibiotic therapy needed. In addition, he or she will recommend that you nurse the nurse the kits with another female or hand feed them until the mother chinchilla recovers so that the infection does not spread to the kits through the milk of the mother.




After giving birth, chinchillas should be monitored for the expulsion of the placenta. If it is not shed within the recommended time, contact a veterinarian. Treating the condition early can help prevent cases of metritis in female chinchillas.