Nervous System Disorders in Gerbils

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In most cases, the only treatment that may be administered for epileptic seizures is a mild muscle relaxant, and this only in severe cases where the gerbil is suffering as a result of frequent and intense seizures. Otherwise, the only other option is to wait until the gerbil grows out of the seizures as it ages.


Living and Management


The severity of seizures usually decreases after the gerbil has reached the age of six months. To reduce the risk of seizures in your pet gerbil, keep it in a quiet and stress free environment, away from the heavily trafficked areas in the home, and avoid making any unnecessary changes in your gerbil's cage. Make sure that the gerbil is being handled gently and with care -- you may need to restrict access from young children until both the child and gerbil are old enough for handling -- and consult with your veterinarian on the proper handling of epileptic gerbils.


As much as possible, give your gerbil appropriate play materials and ways in which it can keep itself physically occupied and exercised by creating a calm but simulating natural environment to keep it happy and occupied.




Handling your gerbil frequently in the first three weeks of its life will go a long way toward making it comfortable with being handled, so that it does not react with stress when you pick it up. If you have any questions as to proper handling of a gerbil, consult with someone who is familiar with gerbils, and talk to a veterinarian who show you proper handling methods.