Broken Bones in Prairie Dogs



Seek immediate veterinary aid if you find that your prairie dog is in pain and is unable to move a body part. In some cases, your veterinarian may try to reduce the fracture and apply some restraining bandage to the affected area in order restrain movement and encourage healing. A wound, if present, will be suitably dressed; topical antiseptics or antibiotics will then be applied. If your prairie dog is in pain, your veterinarian may administer painkillers. He or she may also recommend prescribing vitamin and mineral supplements to encourage a quick recovery.


Living and Management


Fractures require at least three to six weeks for healing. Restrict the movement of the prairie dog by placing it in a cage or a small enclosure. Give the prairie dog good rest and feed it a well-balanced, nutritious diet and any oral supplements recommended by your veterinarian.




Ensuring that the diet of your pet prairie dog is nutritionally well balanced is best way to prevent fractures occurring due to weak bones as a result of nutritional disorders.