Dental Diseases in Guinea Pigs



If your guinea pig is slobbering or drooling, your veterinarian will evaluate this problem carefully. The molars in the back of the mouth are often the cause for this problem, even if the guinea pig's front teeth are normal. Some teeth may need to be clipped or filed to help your pet's jaw close properly. If the problem continues, monthly dental visits with your veterinarian may be necessary. Your veterinarian may also prescribe calcium and other vitamin and mineral supplements if the guinea pig has nutritional deficiencies.


Living and Management


Regularly administer the medications prescribed and diet formulated by your veterinarian to help remove the dietary imbalances. In addition, bring your guinea pig into the veterinarian's office for its regular follow-up appointments.




Malocclusion and dental diseases developing due to dietary reasons can be prevented by feeding your guinea pig a well-balanced, nutritious diet, and supplementing any minerals or vitamins the animal may be lacking in.