Worm Infection in Prairie Dogs



Unfortunately, it is not possible to treat Baylisascaris procyonis roundworm infection in prairie dogs. Supportive care and symptomatic treatment to help overcome some of the central nervous system symptoms may be advocated by your veterinarian to help ease your pet’s stress. Tapeworm infection, on the other hand, is easily treatable and several anthelminthic drugs are available specially formulated to kill tapeworms.


Living and Management


Exercise caution while handling the affected prairie dogs as you face the risk of contracting the infection from your pet prairie dog. Regularly clean and disinfect your pet’s living area and consider using rodenticides in your backyard if there are many wild rodents and raccoons in your area. In addition, separate worm-affected prairie dogs from other animals, as the parasite(s) may be contagious.




Practicing appropriate husbandry and sanitation techniques, both inside your pet prairie dog’s cage as well as in your immediate environment, will help reduce the risk of worm infection.