Bacterial (Pseudomonas aeruginosa) Infection in Chinchillas



Treatment involves the administration of specific antibiotics to help overcome the infection. Topical antibiotic ointments are used to treat local ulcers. Good supportive care in the form of vitamin and mineral supplements may be needed. If the chinchilla has suffered from diarrhea then electrolyte solutions should be administered orally to help the chinchilla from getting dehydrated.


Living and Management


When recovering from a bacterial infection, your pet chinchilla must be placed in a clean environment. Clean and disinfect the cages before allowing the chinchilla inside. Do not allow the recovering chinchilla to come in contact with other chinchillas as apart from chances of passing on the infection to other chinchillas the infected chinchilla will have poor immunity and could easily get secondary infections from the other chinchillas. Follow the supportive care as advised by your veterinarian to help your pet make a quick recovery.




To prevent infec­tion, improved sanitation, general chinchilla husbandry and sanitation are required and disinfec­tion practices should be intensified.