Inflammation of the Lymph Nodes in Guinea Pigs

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Antibiotics may or may not eliminate the infection. Abscesses might break open on their own, or they may be surgically opened and drained or removed by your veterinarian. However, this treatment may cause the bacteria to enter the guinea pig’s bloodstream, resulting in a more complicated condition. Therefore, caution is necessary. Consult with your veterinarian what are the best options for your guinea pig.


Living and Management


The recovering guinea pig should be allowed to rest in a clean, sanitized, and calm environment. If the abscess has been surgically drained, regular dressing should be provided as advised by your veterinarian. Follow any additional recommendations made by your veterinarian to help your pet to make a quick and complete recovery.




To help prevent infection of the lymph nodes, avoid any harsh or irritating bedding or food products. Jaws that do not close properly or overgrown teeth should be fixed before they become an issue, as well as infections of the respiratory tract. The guinea pig’s living quarters should be kept clean and sanitary, and sick guinea pigs should be housed away from other animals to prevent the spread of infection and to prevent unnecessary stress on the recovering guinea pig.