Ear Injuries in Chinchillas



Closing cuts with stitches on a chinchilla's ear is generally not effective and is, therefore, not recommended. However, applying antiseptic solutions and antibiotic ointments on the affected area, in addition to dressing the wound, will help prevent infection and aid in healing. If the ear is severely damaged, your veterinarian may recommend removing the damaged portion of the animal's ear.


Living and Management


A chinchilla recovering from an ear injury requires a stress-free, hygienic environment for a quick recovery. It should also be restrained and prevented from grooming the affected area, as it will interfere with wound healing. Meanwhile, if the chinchilla has undergone ear cropping surgery, your veterinarian will provide you with a proper supportive care regimen.




Avoid mixing chinchillas of different age groups or hostile chinchillas in the same cage. This will help prevent inter-chinchilla aggression. Also, be aware and do not leave your chinchilla in extreme temperatures for too long.