Tapeworms in Hamsters



Endoparasitic infection is easily treatable and several specially formulated anthelminthic drugs are available to kill tapeworms. They can be administered to your hamster by either mixing it with feed or water.


Hamsters with a heavy endoparasitic infection or those that have gone undiagnosed for a long time may require fluid and electrolyte therapy. Your veterinarian may also recommend giving the hamster vitamin and mineral supplements to improve the animal's body condition.


Living and Management


Follow the supportive care regimen as set forth by your veterinarian to help your hamster overcome tapeworm infection quickly and completely. Thoroughly clean and disinfect the hamster's living area before reintroducing it into the environment. Tapeworm eggs, though invisible by the naked eye, may be laying on bedding material or in the water and feed.




In addition to maintaining proper sanitation techniques, bringing the hamster to your veterinarian for regular deworming appointments is the best way of preventing incidences of tapeworm infections.