Pseudotuberculosis in Hamsters



Unfortunately, there is no treatment for pseudotuberculosis in hamsters.


Living and Management


Though the general outcome of the hamsters affected with pseudotuberculosis is poor, steps given by your veterinarian can be taken to improve the living condition of the infected hamster. However, you must take precaution while handling sick hamsters. Wash your hands and arms thoroughly after touching a hamster and clean and disinfect the cage before allowing an animal inside. Provide fresh clean drinking water an a well-balanced diet and do not allow infected hamsters to come in contact with other animals.


In fact, because pseudotuberculosis is highly contagious and can spread to humans, your veterinarian may recommend euthanizing an infected hamster.




Maintaining a clean and sanitized living area is the best way to prevent the possibility of pseudotuberculosis in hamsters.