Constipation in Hamsters



The course of treatment will depend on the underlying cause. Intussuception, for example, may require surgery to remove a portion of the intestines or to create a bypass between the intestines. Though the prognosis for hamsters with intussusception is poor, prompt treatment may improve the chances of recovery.


Treatment of constipation requires identifying and treating the cause of the constipation. Intussusception may be fatal if not treated promptly. It may be necessary to surgi­cally remove a portion of the intestines, or to create a bypass between two portions of the intestines that are not normally connected. The general outcome for intussusception is poor in hamsters.


Many other cases of constipation are treated with anthelminthic drugs, which kill internal parasites. Fluid therapy, meanwhile, is given to dehydrated pets, and laxatives to those that are extremely constipated.


Living and Management


Keep your pet hamster in a clean and calm environment to reduce the possibility of reinfection, and make sure it has access to clean drinking water.