Pinworms in Gerbils



There are several antihelminthic drugs your veterinarian can prescribe which are formulated to kill pinworms. These drugs can be either mixed in your gerbil's food or water. If the gerbil has had the pinworm infection for an extended period of time, it may need fluid and electrolyte therapy. Your veterinarian may even recommend vitamin and mineral supplements to stabilize the gerbil and improve its overall health.


Living and Management


The gerbil's cage should be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, as there may still be pinworm eggs in the cage. Otherwise, follow your veterinarian's supportive care regimen and keep the gerbil's living environment pest-free.




Maintaining good sanitation and hygienic condition inside the gerbil’s cage, as well as regular deworming treatments, will help prevent tapeworm infections in gerbils.