Lead Poisoning in Gerbils



There are specific antidotes that can be given to treat lead poisoning in some cases. Your veterinarian will base this on the level of lead that is found in your gerbil's body. Supportive care will be given by providing care to relieve the symptoms -- loss of appetite and dehydration will be treated with the aid of appetite stimulants, and fluid and electrolyte therapy.


Living and Management


Take steps to remove the source of lead contamination from your gerbil's access. During the recovery period, you may need to adjust your gerbil's normal diet to encourage quick healing and intestinal recovery. Follow the advice given by your veterinarian regarding diet and how you should arrange your gerbil's living space during its recovery from lead poisoning.




The best way to prevent the possibility of lead poisoning for your gerbil is to make sure that your gerbil is kept in a room that is free of lead paint (risk of ingesting or inhaling microscopic paint chips is possible even in clean rooms). Removing gerbils from rooms prior to it being fumigated (24-48 hours, at least) is also vital in preventing toxicity.