Congestive Heart Failure in Hamsters



Unfortunately, there is no effective treatment for congestive heart failure. In some cases your veterinarian might administer agents like cardiac glycosides, which have the capacity to improve the contraction of the heart muscles and aid in restoring normal circulation. Diuretic agents like furosemide might also be administered to help overcome edema, if present.


Living and Management


It is essential that you develop a proper dietary strategy suitable for the ailing hamster in consultation with your veterinarian. Typically, salt or food high in salt will be removed from the diet. He or she will also recommend that you place the hamster in a calm environment so that it may rest and reduce the stress on the heart.




There is no way to prevent congestive heart failure in hamsters. However, following the veterinarian's instructions may help manage the situation and prolong the life of your pet hamster.