Enzyme Replacement Therapy for EPI

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The source of most veterinary enzyme replacement products is ground-up, freeze-dried pancreatic tissue from a cow or hog. The pancreatic glands are removed during meat processing and sold to companies that manufacture enzyme replacements. The tissue contains the naturally-occurring enzymes that the dog or cat is not able to manufacture in its own body.


If you are willing to buy and use fresh pancreas, raw chopped cow pancreas can be used in place of tablets or powdered enzyme products. Accurate dosing can be difficult with raw pancreas and it needs to be kept frozen to make sure the activity of the enzymes is retained.


Human formulations and synthetic products may also be a potential source of enzyme replacement for your pet. Your veterinarian can help you decide on the best possible product to help your cat or dog control symptoms of EPI. Other treatment considerations for animals with EPI include additional dietary alterations and possible treatment of the main cause of pancreatic disease (when diagnosed).


Dogs and cats treated with the proper dose of the correct supplements can be given a good long-term prognosis. In fact, even though complete recovery from EPI is rare, animals generally do well with proper care.


Image: improvize / via Shutterstock