How NOT to Bore Your Pet

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Tune In So They Don't Tune Out


Leaving the television or radio playing for your pet can sometimes provide comfort and distraction in an otherwise quiet house. Soothing music, such as classical or tranquility music, or a special DVD program that is geared especially toward domestic animals can help entertain a lonely homebound animal.


You might also consider providing real company in the form of another pet. In many cases, this is exactly the antidote that is needed for the cure to boredom. Keep in mind that taking in another animal is a big step, and all aspects of doing so should be carefully considered.


Don't Worry, Be Happy


If your pet is suffering from what appears to be clinical anxiety, the stress of being separated from you every day may be more than s/he can handle and medical attention may be the only course. Anxiety is a serious condition but it can be treated and resolved in most cases. Your veterinarian will be able to help you to determine if other steps, such as medication and behavior therapy and training are necessary. In the end, there are many options to help out your poor little bored friend.


Image: TheGiantVermin / via Flickr