How to Become a Dog Trainer


6. Take classes and seminars. There are plenty of dog training universities and schools listed in the phone book; some online resources even review certain schools. Research and ask around.


7. Go to dog trials and shows. Watch well trained dogs in action and how they’re handled by their people.


8. Do not be afraid of failure. Even the best dog trainers encounter obstacles at some point. Persevere and come at the problem. Patience is a must. You need to understand the basic psychology of a dog and the purpose of its actions.


9. Be a people person. Yes, being good with dogs is important, but remember, to get to the dog you need to be approved of and trusted by the owner. So you'll need to bone up on your people-communication skills.


10. Enjoy yourself. Many beginning trainers become so enthralled with their work that they stop working out of love for the animals. Remember, dogs are excellent judges of character and they won't take too kindly to an angry trainer.


Once you have a grasp on your new vocation, you can strike out on your own -- taking on friends and neighbors as clients. Soon, you’ll be on your way to being a stellar dog trainer. Good luck, and happy training!



Image: Anke van Wyk / Shutterstock