Top 10 Scary School Supplies

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Published: August 3, 2010
Top 10 Scary School Supplies

When the Dog Eats Your Homework, and Your Pencils, and Your Crayons…

New pencils, new books, and a new look. All this new school stuff can be hard to keep track of, but when you have a curious pet in the house all this “stuff” may look like so much mouthwatering yum, especially when there are pencils and erasers that are fruit scented. So before you dump the contents of your book bag and pencil box to do your homework, make sure Fido and Fluffy are out of the room. And before you put everything away for the night, take an inventory of your supplies to be sure that nothing is amiss.

While our list is not exhaustive — after all, dogs and cats have been found with all manner of objects in their digestive tracts —  these are some of the top offenders and most commonly used school supplies that are liable to be a choking hazard to pets.

  1. Paperclips

  2. Pens — watch out especially for the pen caps

  3. Pencils — even small splinters can get lodged in the mouth and esophagus

  4. Markers

  5. Crayons

  6. Bouncy balls

  7. Action figures/small dolls

  8. Coins

  9. Glue sticks/bottled glue

  10. Erasers

Image: D. Sharon Pruitt / Flickr

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