5 Green Cleaning Tips for the Dog Owner

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Keep Your Dog and House Clean

You don't need a green thumb to get in on the going green trend. As a dog owner, there are plenty of opportunities for you to help the environment, raise your dog's quality of life, and color your own nook of the world green.

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#5 Nontoxic Cleanup for Potty Accidents

Your dog has just had a major accident on the carpet but you don't want to use any cleaning supplies that may potentially harm the Earth – or even worse, your dog. What now? Scrub the area with club soda quickly and let it dry. Sprinkle the area with baking soda and let it sit for about an hour, then vacuum the rug. Voilà! Just don't forget to deodorize the area with a vinegar and water solution so that your dog won't do his or her business in that spot again.

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#4 Bathe Au Naturel

Did you know baking soda, which is nontoxic, is a great option for dry bathing your dog? Just sprinkle some on the coat and rub it thoroughly with your hands. Next, use a brush (gently please!) to spread the baking soda throughout the coat until it's gone.

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#3 Sleep Soundly and Naturally

If you hadn't guessed yet, baking soda can be a great natural cleaning product to keep in the cupboard. Take the favorite pillow your dog sleeps with or even the dog bed. To get rid of the dog smell that accumulates after a while, sprinkle the bedding or pillow with baking soda, let it stand 15 minutes and then vacuum thoroughly. No more dog smell!

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#2 Biodegradable Dog Poop Bags

We all dread dog poop. Smelling it. Handling it. Disposing of it. Oh you didn't know you were supposed to dispose of your dog's feces? That's right, you are actually supposed to send down your dog's feces down the septic system in much the same way we handle our "dirty business"—and yet few of us do. Even worse, many of us use regular plastic bags that do not biodegrade and pile up in landfills. Be "green" and buy water-soluble or biodegradable bags that are safe to flush down the toilet. You can also choose to compost it. However, make sure you do the composting away from storm drains and plants.

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#1 Odor Neutralizing Plants

Dog-friendly plants such as bamboo palms, Brazilian orchids, cape marigolds, or duffii ferns are a great natural way to filter the air in your home. If that's not enough, try simmering a pot of your favorite herbs such as ginger, chamomile, or cinnamon. The best part? There are some herbs that not only smell wonderful, but can be used for herbal remedies for dogs, too!

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