Top Ten Pre-Fab Costumes for Dogs

PetMD Editorial
Updated: October 16, 2020
Published: October 27, 2011
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Halloween is almost here

By Victoria Heuer


It's nearly the big day. Before everyone grabs up all the good stuff and leaves you with nothing but a measly pirate hat to tie over your pup's head — again — take a look at our favorite pre-fabricated costumes for dogs.

*A note of caution: Always supervise your pets when they are in costume, and remove the costume if your pet shows any signs of distress. Remember, Halloween should be a happy day.

Image: KellyNelson / Shutterstock

#1 Winged Dog

Not scary, you say? Imagine if dogs really could fly. Hitchcock would have nothing on that. And the mess after...the horror! But the best thing about wings for dogs is the exceptional ease of finding them. Even if all of the other really great costumes are gone, you can still pick up a set of wings, strap them onto your pup, and you're off to the doggy parade.

Image: WilleeCole / Shutterstock

#2 Yoda Dog

For the sci-fi geeky dogs, you can't lose with the perennial favorite, Yoda Dog. May the fire hydrant be with you.

Image: Colure Caulfield / Flickr

#3 Skunk Dog

Cute, yes, but we would argue that this is probably the scariest costume in our collection. Not there with us yet? It's a skunk as big as a dog — as big as a dog!

Image: mbtrama / Flickr

#4 Harry S'potter

So we just happen to like dogs wearing glasses, and we like Harry Potter — a lot. Dress your dog in this and he'll give those Dementors the old one-two!

Image: Costume Craze

#5 It's a Dog as Dog World

There is plenty of room for cute on Halloween, too. We like the idea of dressing a dog as another dog. This poodle costume is kind of like dressing a boy as a girl for Halloween.

Image: istolethetv / Flickr

#6 Skeleton Dog

A classic that exemplifies the true spirit of the day, this is one that can be worn both on Halloween and the next day for Día de los Muertos.

Image: egd / Shutterstock

#7 Hot Dog

Yum! Who needs candy when you have a big juicy dog? One of the best things about the Hot Dog costume is that it comes in so many sizes, so whether your dog is big or small, there is a Hot Dog costume made for his size.

Image: Elton Lin / Flickr

#8 Frankenstein's Creature

Another classic, especially for the literature fan, is the old stand-by, Frankenstein's Creature (if you're a true fan, you always include the Creature part!). There are a variety of costumes that are made to look like little people with dog heads, including super hereos and movie characters — have fun finding your favorite.

Image: Chris Pirillo / Flickr

#9 Jurassic Dog

The real deal may be extinct, but it is still fun to imagine having a real dino pet, and this is the perfect time to capture that fantasy. Take it a step further by recording some dinosaur growls to play as you strut the doggy parade with your little ersatz reptile.

Image: Costume Craze

#10 But then again ... Pirates <i>are</i> a classic

If you're a fan of the always awesome Jack Sparrow and you can appreciate just how scary pirates really are, then the pirate costume may be just your style. We like the adjustable chin strap on this hat and wig combo.

Image: Michelle D. Milliman / Shutterstock

Honorable Mention

Some of our esteemed cat lovers may be wondering where their list is … well, it is difficult to come up with a list of costumes for a species that tends to be very, very unhappy when forced to wear anything other than a simple collar. It is possible to dress a cat for Halloween, but you will need to keep it super simple, and watch for any signs of distress, removing the costume as soon as your cat appears distressed. And never leave your cat — or dog — unsupervised when he is in costume.

Image: Catherine Kinsey / Flickr