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Five Ways to Celebrate Halloween with Your Dog

PetMD Editorial
Updated: October 13, 2020
Published: October 26, 2012
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Taking the Fright out of Fright Night

Halloween is celebrated for being the scariest day of the year, but celebrations designed to scare can only be enjoyed by those who are in the know. Since our dogs are not clued in to the symbolism of the day it is up to us to keep them as scare-free as possible. So how do you have a not so scary Halloween while still having fun?


#1 Host a Dogs-only Costume Party

 Invite some of the friends your little Ella has made at dog class and at the dog park over to your house for some good music and good eats, with everyone dressed in their favorite costumes. For favors, use paper lunch bags decorated with Halloween stickers and stuffed with dog candy — bone biscuits and jerky treats, of course.


(Free printable invitation seen in image found here)


#2 Arrange a Neighborhood Halloween Pet Parade

If you’re lucky to live in a neighborhood with lots of dogs and you all haven’t held a pet parade yet, then it is long overdue. Put up signs on the community boards, go door to door; the more participants there are, the more fun there will be. You might even want to think big and get your whole town involved, with a parade down Main Street or in the local park. Idea: Ask local businesses to donate a few prizes for "best costume" contests.

#3 Host a 'Scary Dog Movie Night'


This one really gets into the spirit of the day. Pick a scary movie (see some of our suggestions here), set a room up as a home theater with lots of comfy pillows, a self-serve concession stand with bone cookies (find some recipes here) and other treats, bowls or paper filled cones of unbuttered, unsalted popcorn, and decorated bottles of water. Be sure to schedule an intermission for "bathroom" breaks. Buy, print-out, or e-mail invitations along with printable movie tickets for your guests.

#4 Get Out of Town

Maybe Halloween just isn’t your cup of cider. You and your dog really can’t handle the over excitement and would rather get away from home for the night. If we’re lucky, it will still be just warm enough to grab a tent and get out to the campgrounds for a quiet night. Most campgrounds require reservations, so plan ahead. Or, if you have friends in the country, now would be a great time to take them up on that invite. And then there are always out of the way, pet friendly hotels where you can treat yourself and your pup to a night of room service and on-demand.


#5 Keep it Mellow

It is possible to have a no-Halloween night at home. Put up a gate at the kitchen door, put a bowl of candy out front for the treaters (or leave all the front lights off), and make cookies and pumpkin soup for yourself and your dog — maybe even invite a friend over for a quiet fall-themed dinner. We found some great recipes for soup and cookies, and if you want to add a dash of Halloween spirit, try these easy to bake Mummy-Dogs that you can share with your faithful friend.


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