If Your Pet Had Thumbs...

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PetMD Editorial
Published: February 24, 2012

What Would Your Pet Do?

March 3rd has been named "If Pets Had Thumbs Day." In honor of this wonderfully wacky holiday, we’ve compiled a list of the top ten things your pet would probably do if he did indeed have opposable thumbs. Which of these sounds most like your pet?



Image: dwphotos / Shutterstock

#10 Give You a Thumbs Up

If your pet had thumbs, he would have a new way of expressing gratitude or happiness -- giving you a thumbs up!

Image: Memo Angeles / Shutterstock

#9 Thumb Wrestle

Itching for a thumb wrestling partner? If your pet had thumbs, we’re sure he’d be eager to play.



Image: pixshots / Shutterstock

#8 Break Out the Can Opener

Cats in particular would probably help themselves to the can opener for unlimited servings of their favorite wet food.

Image: Monika Wisniewska / Shutterstock

#7 Hitchhike to the Park

No time to take your pet to the park? No worries! With thumbs, your pet could easily hitchhike his way there without you.



Image: Raywoo / Shutterstock

#6 Vacuum While You’re Out

Have an especially considerate pet? Maybe he would vacuum while you’re out! It’s only fair, considering much of the mess is probably the result of shedding anyway.

Image: WilleeCole / Shutterstock

#5 Text Their Pals

If pets ever do have thumbs, you should make sure their text messaging plan is unlimited.

Image: Marko Marcello / Shutterstock

#4 Hog the Remote

You probably never realized that the only reason your pet likes to watch the same shows as you is because without thumbs, he can’t change the channels himself. If your pet ever gets thumbs, there will be a power struggle for control of the remote for sure.

Image: margouillat photo / Shutterstock

#3 Surf the Internet

Want to spend some quality time with your pet? Too bad! Once he has working thumbs, nights will be spent surfing the Internet.



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#2 Lock the Door Behind You

How helpful would it be if your pet had thumbs and could lock the door behind you? Well, helpful until you get into a fight and he locks you out!

Image: tstockphoto / Shutterstock

#1 Open the Refrigerator

And here is the big one -- when polled, 79% of petMD readers answered that their pets would open the refrigerator if they had thumbs.

Image: Michael Pettigrew / Shutterstock