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Top Summer Pet Grooming Products

PetMD Editorial
Published: April 20, 2016
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Keep your pet fresh and clean this summer with these awesome grooming products.

Fresh and Clean

Pets, winter is over and that means it is time to break away from your slovenly ways. 


No more lazy days binge-watching Netflix. No more catnip and Beggin’ benders. No more burying yourself under piles of blankets and shutting out the world. 


It’s time to get up and get out. But first, you have to make yourself look presentable. You heard us—brush the cheeto dust out of your fur and join the world of the living. Our editors have rounded up the top grooming products for cats and dogs to make sure you have a stylish summer. 


A Natural Clean

Get rid of dirt and odor without sacrificing safety. With some all-natural hygiene products that can make at-home pet cleaning a breeze. 


Lather up, because there are several different shampoo choices to fit your needs, with most formulated without harsh detergents and toxic chemicals. And between baths, try a waterless shampoo option that contains a foaming agent to remove top-level dirt and odors.


Combine natural shampoos with a plant-derived doggie deodorant and effective odor neutralizer for nose-pleasing pampering and ultimate freshness.   

Tub Time

You’re also going to need a bath. Instead of letting your fur clog up the drain in the bathtub or the sink, make sure your pet parents grab this portable pup-tub from Pet Gear.


This practical bath features two rubber restraints for safety and a rubberized mat to keep your paws from slipping and sliding. It also includes two storage trays for all your bath-time accouterments and a quick-drain mechanism for quick cleanup. 

Perfect Paws

If the winter weather did a number on your paws, it’s time to get those puppies ready for sandal season. 


Blissful Dog Paw Butter soothes dry, cracked paws with Shea butter and therapeutic grade essential oils. Tell your human to get out the cucumber water, put on some smooth jazz, and massage this treatment onto your paws for a relaxing spa-like pet-icure.

Nice and Neat Nails

To continue getting your paws in shape for the summer season, you’ve got to keep your nails in check. Sharp talons can do damage to both you and your human companions. 


This nail grinder from Conair is specifically designed to quickly and safely file down your unruly nails. It’s lightweight, compact and powerful, but it’s also quiet and won’t produce scary buzzing and whirring noises.

On-the-Go Cleaning

If your summer is filled with trips to the park and the beach, your two-legged companion is going to need an on-the-go solution for keeping you clean. 


These all-natural wipes are formulated with green tea leaf extract and mild cleansers that will help remove dirt and sand from your fur. They also help to deodorize, so you’ll be smelling to fresh and so clean in no time. 

A Shining Smile

Let’s face it—you’re not going to get anywhere in life by having bad breath and rotten teeth.


With this oral care spray from Only Natural Pet, caring for your chompers is a quick and painless procedure. The special herbal formula prevents the build-up of unhealthy germs and tartar on teeth and gums.


All it takes is a quick, daily spray for a show-stealing smile. 

Eliminate Odor

If you are between baths and just need a quick cleanup, this freshening spray from Nature's Miracle will keep stinky smells—as well as dog dander and allergens—at bay.


The fresh scent helps eliminate odor and keep your human’s olfactory sensors happy. You’ll invite everyone to take sniff after you’re sprayed with this stuff.

Dry Off

After you’re done suds-ing in the tub, wipe off with this warm, dry wrap from FURminator.


The highly absorbent microfiber material will whisk away all the water and prevent you from getting your pet parent’s furniture soaking wet.


You’ll also save your human companion from a pile of sopping wet laundry. This is also a great product to pack for trips to the beach, lake or pool this summer.

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