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Five Ways to Appreciate Your Vet Tech

Lorie Huston, DVM
October 11, 2012
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Show Your Vet Tech Some Love

By Lorie Huston, DVM

Veterinary technicians, aka vet techs, are the unsung heroes of your pet’s veterinary care team. Without these devoted men and women, your veterinarian’s office would be a sea of chaos and confusion. I should know. I'm a vet! These highly trained individuals do everything from greeting clients and answering phones to restraining pets, drawing blood, assisting with surgical procedures, and cleaning cages. Here are some fun ways to show your appreciation to your veterinarian’s vet techs.

1. Write a Thank-You Note

Believe it or not, something as simple as a thank-you note will mean a lot to your vet tech. Just the simple kind act of letting her know that he is appreciated will be enough to put a smile on your vet tech’s face and a bounce in his step for the remainder of the day.

2. Send Flowers

If you’d like to go a step further than a simple thank-you note, consider sending a bouquet of flowers too. It doesn’t have to be an expensive or elaborate arrangement. Just a simple vase with a daisy would be more than enough. Of course, if you really want to splurge on sending a thank you, feel free to send her two dozen long-stem roses, an elaborate array of orchids or … well, you get the idea.

3. Bring Coffee and Snacks

Pop into the office with a fresh supply of coffee and maybe an assortment of donuts or cookies. Take my word for it. In a busy veterinary practice, these will be appreciated all the away around. Your vet tech will love you for it and so will the rest of the hospital staff.

4. Box of Chocolates or Fruit Basket

Another token of appreciation that will not go unnoticed is a box of chocolates. Alternatively, a fruit or candy basket would make a nice gift for the vet tech with a different kind of sweet tooth. And while all of these sweets are appropriate on holidays, your vet tech will feel extra-special if he receives such a token on a regular (non-holiday) work-day.

5. Tell Them 'Job Well Done'

Last but not least, and probably most importantly, the next time you see your vet tech in the veterinary office, put on a big smile and tell her what a great job she’s doing. And don’t forget to tell her veterinarian how lucky the veterinary hospital is to have her as an employee.

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