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Why Dogs Make Men Sexy

After an extensive and exhaustive interviewing process, we here at the petMD labs have finally come up with the top four reasons why girls love guys who own dogs. Read on because we left no stone unturend…

#4 Dependability

A man who owns a dog is a man who’s dependable and reliable. This is because a dog's loyalty brings those characteristics out in their owners. Think strong, broad shoulders, a man who won’t let you down. Unfortunately, broad shoulders are optional …

#3 Responsibility

We girls get it. We’ve been responsible since the beginning, what with the whole birthing babies thing … Guys, meanwhile, are often responsible for their video game collection and not much more! But a man who owns a dog? He gets it. He knows he has to walk the dog, feed it, groom it, and take care of it. He comprehends that being in charge of another life means he has to do a little nurturing. If we're lucky, he’ll probably do the dishes, too.

#2 Understanding

Think about it. There are going to be times when a man with a dog has to go outside into the freezing rain to let his dog pee. Then there are the times when the dog decides to poop on the expensive rug or eat his Italian leather shoes, and we girls know he’s not going to hit the dog or punish it for being, well, doggy. He’s going to understand. We love men who are understanding, especially when it comes to cute, furry creatures ... or non-furry yet lovely creatures who accidentally running up his credit card bill.

#1 Love

A man who owns a dog is a man who knows how to love. This is the kind of man girls love to date. After all, who wants to date a heartless man? And guys, there is nothing sexier than a man who loves his dog, especially if it’s a mutt. You get extra points if your pooch is a rescue.

So there you have it..

Our definitive list of top reasons girls love guys with dogs!

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