Pictures of Newborn Puppies and Kittens

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Newborn Puppies are SO Cute!

Newborn puppy pictures are just about the cutest things around, don't you think? They come in all colors, shapes, and sizes. They are so dependent on their mothers. They are so full of life. Wanna see? Flip through some of our readers' puppy picture submissions from the petMD Facebook Page. There are even some pictures of cute kittens and other baby animals too!

Cute Puppy Pictures #1

A cute pile of little ones.

Cute Kitten Pictures #1

A newborn kitten cuddles with a blanket to keep warm.

Cute Puppy Pictures # 2

We can't get enough of Ladybird's baby pictures!

Cute Kitten Pictures #2

Brother and sister waking up after a long nap.

Cute Puppy Pictures # 3

That's Angela's 3-year-old chocolate Lab with the baby! The newborn pup was only hours old in this pic.

Cute Kitten Pictures #3

An adorable kitten takes an afternoon nap and dreams of cat-nip.

Cute Puppy Pictures # 4

Although Rainbow and Storm's mother didn't survive her labor, Angie appreciates that she has these two as little bits of their mother.

Cute Kitten Pictures #4

Two playful kittens with loads of energy having fun!

Cute Puppy Pictures # 5

This little one isn't a newborn, but she's just so cute!

Cute Kitten Pictures #5

A newborn kittens reaches for her mother with eyes half closed.

Cute Puppy Pictures # 6

Catherine's husband was lucky to get this shot shortly after their black Lab, Mac, was born on August 16, 2008. Here he is with his litter mates at three days old. Stella, a black Lab, and Henley, a yellow Lab, were the proud parents of this litter of two boys and nine girls that arrived in all colors (black, white, yellow and chocolate).

Cute Kitten Pictures #6

Climbing is fun! A kitten reaches out as he makes his first steps.

Cute Puppy Pictures # 7

Momma Marcia and her Chihuahua pup.

Cute Kitten Pictures #7

A newborn kitten enjoys breakast while feeding from a bottle.

Cute Puppy Pictures #8

Panda and Lilah are as cute as a pair of buttons!

Cute Kitten Pictures #8

A baby kitten peeks her head out from the covers!

Cute Puppy Pictures # 9

This is a first look at some field-trial blue ribbon winners in the making.

Cute Kitten Pictures #9

Mother cat sleeps while keeping her babies close.

Cute Puppy Pictures # 10

They're so tiny they look like chipmunks, but they really are puppies!

Cute Kitten Pictures #10

A newborn kitten rests peacefully in a warm cozy blanket.

Cute Puppy Pictures #11

Here's Pip, the 8-week-old baby Beagle.

Cute Kitten Pictures #11

A kitten learns how to make sounds!

Cute Puppy Pictures #12

Even this newborn is ready for the camera!

Cute Puppy Pictures #13

Rhodesian Ridgeback puppies delivered on Christmas Eve. There were eight of them — their owner named them after Santa's reindeers!

Cute Puppy Pictures #14

Newborn Pomeranians!

Cute Puppy Pictures #15

This little guy was the runt from his mother's first litter of puppies!

Cute Puppy Pictures #16

10-week-old Chihuahau puppies!

Cute Puppy Pictures #17

Betty came to Homestretch Hounds heartworm positive and pregnant. On June 18, she blessed the world with her nine adorable Beagle puppies!

Cute Puppy Pictures #18

This is Zoey, a Boston Terrier, with her litter of three adorable puppies!

Cute Puppy Pictures #19

It must be feeding time! What a good momma!

Cute Puppy Pictures #20

This is one proud  and happy momma!

Cute Puppy Pictures #21

This is Abby and her litter of five, born on June 15, 2012.

Cute Puppy Pictures #22

Look at these little ones bonding!

Cute Puppy Pictures #23

Suki's seven hungry pups.

Cute Puppy Pictures #24

These babies were two days old when they and their momma came into the rescue Mary works at.

Cute Puppy Pictures #25

Sly's so young that he still has those big bright blue puppy eyes!

Cute Puppy Pictures #26

Newborn Shih Tzu puppies.

Cute Puppy Pictures #27

Four chihuahua pups that are almost six weeks old!

This Little Piggy

Oink! Carroll couldn't resist submitting these baby piglets.

Cute Kitten Picture

This kitten loves to cuddle!

That's No Sheep

Woah! An alpaca delivered via C-section.


Twin sheep, also delivered via C-section.

A Foal!

A little bigger than a newborn puppy, this donkey was born in early July 2012!

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