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Taking Our Pets to Work

PetMD Editorial
Updated: October 13, 2020
Published: June 22, 2013
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Do You Take Your Pet to Work?

By Victoria Heuer


In the spirit of Take Your Dog to Work Day, we asked our community members to tell us why they love to take their dogs (or other pets) to work with them. We got some great responses, so this week we are featuring some of the best. Do you take your pet to work, too? Tell us about it in the comments.

Out of His Shell

Facebook user Kasey’s adopted dog Apollo was abused and unsocialized when she adopted him, but she began taking him to work with her when her employer insisted. At first Apollo hid out under Kasey’s desk, but over time he came out of his shell and became fond of some of the office mates. Along the way he became an expert at receiving affection, and at giving “much needed happy release” from work stress for Kasey and her coworkers.

Best Friends at Work

Twitter user Emily told us that taking her “best friends” to work helps her to get “through even the most stressful days.”

"Coming to Work" at Home

Julie from Facebook told us she is lucky enough to telecommute for work, so she gets to have her “puppy and kitty” friends with her every day. Her dogs will even say “hi” to Julie’s coworkers when she is on conference calls with them.

"Puppy Therapy"

Colin and Stephanie from Facebook take their dogs to work at the college campus ministry office, where the students love to visit to get their “puppy therapy.”


Likewise, therapist Sandy used to take her Shih Tsu to work with her every day, where her dog helped her in her job by serving as a “co-therapist.”

"Stress Relieving"

Andrea from Facebook says it’s wonderful to have her dog at work with her. Whenever she feels stressed she “can reach down and pet her, which is actually stress relieving.” She added that her coworkers have learned not to walk away from their lunches, since the dog is known to thieve away with them.

"Endless Source of Entertainment"

The folks at ASPCA Pet Insurance on Twitter get the double health benefits of stress relief and an endless source of amusing entertainment from their office dogs.

Dog is My Co-Pilot

Facebook user Elaisa tells us that in her job as a tractor trailer driver, her dog Cheo is her constant and dependable co-pilot on the road.

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