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5 Things Your Puppy Can't Live Without

PetMD Editorial
December 04, 2014
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1. Puppy Food

Puppy foods have higher levels of protein, fat, calcium, phosphorous, sodium, and chloride, in comparison to adult foods, to support a young dog’s rapid growth and development. Consult your veterinarian to determine which diet is best for your puppy. Large breed puppies, for example, can develop painful bone conditions when they are allowed to eat foods with a high calcium to phosphorus ratio due to excessive rapid growth. 

2. Dog Toys

Puppies love to chew. Protect your shoes, purses and furniture by keeping an adequate supply of dog chew toys to use as replacement therapy. Remember, your new puppy doesn't know any better. So when you catch him with something inappropriate, firmly say no, take it away, and replace it with a dog chew toy.

3. Dog Crate

Every puppy needs a place to rest their tired paws. Why not buy a dog crate that can serve as transport and potty training tool, too? Be sure the crate is appropriate for your puppy's size (preferably a bit larger) and buy a soft crate pad to add extra comfort.

4. Grooming Supplies

Dog grooming supplies are a necessity to keep your puppy clean and healthy. At a minimum, your grooming kit should include a comb, toothbrush, nail clipper and dog shampoo. Brushing your puppy's coat regularly will help it keep it shiny and healthy, while brushing his or her teeth will not only keep "doggy breath" at bay but also help prevent oral health issues such as periodontal disease.

5. Veterinarian

No puppy should be without a veterinarian. He or she is a wealth of knowledge and will help you care for the puppy for many years to come. A veterinarian can also assist you in making important decisions on vaccination schedules, sterilization, and diet based on the individual needs of your puppy. Ask friends and family for a few potential prospects. Then, once you find a veterinarian you trust, visit him or her regularly (at least once a year). 

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