Is Jack Frost Nipping At Fido's Nose?


Daily Interactions With Your Pet


Last, but certainly not least, do not forget to check in on your pet several times a day to monitor her health and well-being. If you find that your pet is shivering, look for signs of frostbite on the ear tips, foot pads and tail. Also, be watchful for lethargy, which can occur after hypothermia has already had an effect on the body.


Both frostbite and hypothermia can quickly become fatal. In some cases, the animal may survive, but will lose the part of the body that suffered permanent tissue damage form the freezing (frostbite).


Finally, if you are a witness to an animal that is being kept out of doors, and it appears that the animal has not been provided with adequate shelter, bedding or food, report the address to your local humane society so the animal can be helped. Leaving an animal exposed to extreme cold (or heat, for that matter) is cruel. Reports can be made anonymously, so you should never be afraid to speak up against animal cruelty in your community.


Image: Andrew Morrell / via Flickr