Top 5 DIY Halloween Costumes for Your Dog

7 min read


#4 Skeleton Dog


Why we like it: What's not to like about a skeleton dog? Or any skeleton, for that matter? Walking bones -- inconceivable! And, it's a two day costume, since it can be worn for El Dia de los Muertos too.


This project requires a bit of artistic proficiency, but not a whole lot. Start with a black hoodie. For the skeleton bones, you can go with either white fabric paint from your local craft store, or use felt white felt fabric that has been cut into bone shapes and glued (with non-toxic fabric glue) or sewn into place. Traditional Mexican Day of the Dead skeletons do not place a lot of importance on skeletal detail, so you can go with a primitive, folksy skeleton, or you can get very detailed and make it look like a real skeleton.


If you have a small dog, you can get away with just a hoodie jacket that has been altered so that there are little legs. Just wrap the bottom corners of each side of the jacket around your dog's back legs to figure out the circumference and then make a few stitches toward the bottom of the leg. This will leave the bottom open for the dog to be able to do her "business." If you have a larger dog, pair the hooded jacket with a pair of black bike shorts (or cut-off leggings) that have leg bones painted or felted on them, making sure to cut out a large piece of the shorts' crotch area to make room for the dog to have freedom in the lower body.