Top 5 DIY Halloween Costumes for Your Dog

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 Best Homemade Costume Ideas for Dogs

There are lots of costume shops that sell pre-fab costumes for dogs, but isn't the sense of daring fun lost when we buy a plastic encased costume that any dog on the street might be wearing come All Hallows' Eve? We here at PetMD think so. That's why we've done a little research to find the easiest, do-it-yourself costumes. Now your dog can be the ghoul of the ball!

The main component of most of our picks is a child sized hoodie top or jacket, and/or a child sized T-shirt -- color and size depending on the theme and your dog's size. Other materials include felt cloth, needle and matching thread, and yards of material for capes and such, again, depending on the theme you choose. Just make sure the materials are safe, non-toxic, non-flammable, and securely fastened. We wouldn't want any doggies accidentally choking or getting sick from the costumes.


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