Breaking Holiday Myths


Remember to always take precautions when preparing your holiday meals. Make sure they are safely out of reach, because your pet will find a way to get as close to those yummy smells as possible, and will not hesitate to take a bite out of your well planned and seasoned dishes. After mealtime can be even trickier, since waste cans are even more within reach, making the temptation to dump the trash to get at the food maddening for your pet. Be good to your pet and make sure you have cleared all of the food waste from an accessible place. Last but not least, inform your visiting family members and guests that your pet is not allowed to have any foods -- at all! -- without your approval


The Healthy, Safe Goodies


And now we can move onto the safe foods list, but keep in mind that even these foods must be given in moderation


  1. White meat from the turkey (no skin or fat)
  2. Vegetables cooked without butter, seasoning, or sauces (some of the best are sweet potatoes, carrots, beans, etc.)
  3. Apple slices
  4. Raw carrots
  5. Plain pumpkin from the can (not the pie filling, which has seasonings added)


Image source: Christina Welsh (Rin) / via Flickr