9 Best Black Friday Deals in Cat Wellness

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PetMD Editorial
Published: November 21, 2018

Image via iStock.com/noreefly

Don’t forget your devoted kitty when you’re shopping for the Black Friday deals. It’s the perfect day to pick up some holiday gifts and save a little while you’re at it. These Black Friday pet deals promote all-around cat wellness with discounts on all the essentials—wholesome cat food, tasty cat treats, trusted cat litter, top-rated cat toys, stylish cat scratchers, cozy cat beds, and effective cat flea and tick treatments.

These Black Friday deals will help keep your cat happy, healthy and content.

1. Miko Poultry & Tuna variety pack grain-free canned cat food

If your cat loves poultry and seafood, then the Miko Poultry and Tuna variety pack won’t disappoint at mealtime. Real tuna or chicken is always the first ingredient, and you can choose between four high-protein recipes with flaked tilapia, tuna, chicken and turkey in different savory combinations. Each delivers a balanced meal with added vitamins, minerals and essential taurine, with no grains, wheat, corn, soy or carrageenan. It’s a win for your cat’s taste buds and his health.

Black Friday Deal: 50% off first Miko canned cat food item

2. Instinct by Nature’s Variety RawBoost Mixers freeze-dried rabbit cat food topper

Even if you don’t feed your cat a raw diet, you can still give him a taste of raw with Instinct by Nature’s Variety RawBoost Mixers. This protein-packed topper starts with freeze-dried, raw real rabbit, pork and pork liver that offers a taste of some exotic meats that your cat doesn’t usually have in their bowl. They also include plenty of freeze-dried vegetables and fruits, including carrots, apples, butternut squash, blueberries, broccoli and kelp. It’s minimally processed with nothing artificial, so this cat food topper is a best bet for mealtime and also as its own treat.

Black Friday Deal: Up to 40% off regular price on Instinct by Nature’s Variety items

3. Tiny Tiger Tasty Treats Magical Medley cat treats

For feline fans of crunchy treats, there’s a special Black Friday deal on Tiny Tiger Tasty Treats Magical Medley cat treats. These come in a resealable 20-ounce container that’s convenient and easy to store. Baked into fun shapes, these treats are fortified with added vitamins, minerals and taurine, and they’re only 1 calorie per treat to avoid over-indulgence. Your cat will enjoy four different savory flavors with chicken, turkey, shrimp and salmon.

Black Friday Deal: Buy one, get one free on first Tiny Tiger item

4. Frisco Unscented Odor Defense clumping cat litter

Having cats in your home means having a steady supply of litter. Frisco Unscented Odor Defense cat litter offers cat parents the two main things you’d want from a litter—patented odor-blocking technology and an unscented litter that will appeal to your cat. It’s low-tracking and clumps ultra-fast for easy scooping, and the low dust formula helps minimize the mess. Made with natural clay, this formula contains no fragrances, perfumes or dyes.

Black Friday Deal: 50% off first Frisco litter item

5. PetFusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge

On Black Friday, you can upgrade your cat’s worn-out scratcher to one that’s pleasing to the eye and also very appealing to cats. It not only offers a sturdy scratching surface, but also doubles as a lounger. Your kitty can scratch on all sides, and when it’s all scratched out on one side, you can flip it over for a fresh new scratching surface. It’s made from eco-friendly recycled cardboard and uses nontoxic corn starch glue that’s safe for your cat.

Black Friday Deal: Up to 20% off regular price on PetFusion items

6. Pet Zone Bounce & Pounce wand cat toy

Even indoor cats have a prey drive that needs to be satisfied. You can keep your cat physically and mentally stimulated with plenty of cat toys that engage their instincts. The Pet Zone Bounce & Pounce Play-N-Squeak wand allows you to bond with your cat through play and helps keep your cat from becoming bored. This isn’t an ordinary wand toy, though; it features realistic electronic sounds that mimic a squeaking mouse. The soft, plush mouse at the end of the wand contains catnip to create the ultimate faux prey challenge.

Black Friday Deal: Up to 25% off regular price on Pet Zone items

7. Frisco 72-inch brown cat tree

Now is the time to trade in the old cat tree for a taller model that provides an all-in-one activity center for cats. The Frisco 72-inch cat tree gives kittens and adult cats a place to jump, nap, climb, scratch, hide and play. There are plenty of sisal-covered ramps and posts for healthy stretching and scratching, and four different dangling toys to engage their hunting instincts. This cat tree also provides multiple perches for kitties to climb high off the ground and several sleeping areas.

Black Friday Deal: Up to 25% off regular price on Frisco cat trees

8. K&H Pet Products Thermo-Kitty small mocha deluxe hooded cat bed

This might be a bed that your cat actually shows interest in. It’s highly rated by pet parents (and cats) because it offers a warm, cozy sanctuary for cats to enjoy. The dual-thermostat heating unit warms the microfleece pillow base, and it acclimates to your pet’s normal body temperature when they lie in the bed. It comes with a zippered hood that you can remove if your cat is not a fan.

Black Friday Deal: Up to 40% off regular price on K&H Pet Products

9. Onguard flea and tick treatment for cats over 1.5 pounds

Flea and tick medication is a year-round necessity, and it’s a good idea to get it when there are Black Friday deals like this one. This formula is easy to apply at the base of your cat’s neck, and it works for cats over 1.5 pounds and older than 8 weeks. It kills fleas, flea eggs, flea larvae, chewing lice and all life stages of ticks. This package will give you six doses that you apply monthly for six full months of protection from parasites.

Black Friday Deal: 50% off first Onguard flea and tick item