How to Put the Training Collar on a Puppy Correctly

A training collar* is very easy to put on your puppy, but you must first make sure that you are not putting it on upside down. If the collar is worn upside down, it will not be able to release when you pull on it. As a result, the puppy will struggle and choke each time you pull on his collar during training. This can be painful and uncomfortable for your puppy, and can hinder the training process.


Three Easy Steps to Fitting a Training Collar on Your Puppy


  1. Hold the collar in a horizontal position using the thumb and forefinger of both hands to hold a ring.
  2. Let the nylon pass through the left or inactive ring and pull the cord using your left hand to create a loop. The loop should be shaped like a letter P as it is left to hang.
  3. Place your puppy on the left side of your body with both of you facing forward. Slide the collar over the head of the puppy.


Additional Tips


The collar should hang naturally in the shape of a letter P. To attach the leash, clip it on the live ring situated on the back of the neck, and then slip it into the inactive ring. To test the release of the collar, alternately pull on the leash and then allow it to slacken after. A collar that is put on correctly should release right away.


Although it is very simple to place a training collar on a puppy, there are still quite a few owners who fail to do it right, putting the collar on upside down. One of the sure signs that your puppy’s training collar is upside down is when you pop on the leash and it does not release immediately.


*The best type of collar to use is one that is made of braided nylon. Collars usually have 2-inch adjustments, but if it is too large for your puppy, you can tie a knot for a more accurate fit.


Image: zhouxuan12345678 / via Flickr