How to Properly Hold a Dog Leash



In holding the leash, make sure that you do not hold it too tightly; there should be enough slack so that your puppy does not feel any discomfort. It takes some getting used to, since it is common for most dog-owners to hold on to the leash too tightly at first.


Some people feel that they actually have more control over the puppy if they hold the leash tightly, but the result is the opposite of what they are seeking to achieve. A puppy will tend to struggle against the pressure and discomfort on his neck when it is too tight, causing him to pull harder at the leash as you hold on tightly to it. When holding a leash, you have to exercise (seemingly) as little control as possible in order to be in control of your puppy.


Here are a few of the recommended ways to hold the leash:

  1. The leash should lie on the palm of the right hand with the right thumb inside the loop.
  1. Form a fist with your leash holding hand.
  1. Use the first two fingers of your hand to hold the leash about a quarter of the length from the top. Place your right hand on top of your right thigh.
  1. Hold the opposite end of the leash on the left hand with your knuckles facing forward. Rest your left hand on top of the left thigh.
  1. You are now holding the leash in a starting position. Your hands must be below your waist each time you walk your puppy, and you should give enough slack on the leash for the puppy to feel comfortable and unthreatened.



Image: Mizrak / via Flickr